Thursday, December 4, 2014

Working Mammas, Smile, you are doing it right :)

I know it was a tough one to decide to go on…
I know it was not a bed of roses to help everyone move on…
It was a pain to uncomfortably open the red eyes
Early in the morning when sleeping felt so nice…

Every late night lullabies, each and every sleepy night..
Every evening walk and the early morning cries…
Every second of guilt before leaving home for work…
Every inch of pain to bid goodbye to your  sweetheart…

Feeling helpless with the tasks given at work,
Feeling restless to go back home and take the little one to park.
To concentrate on anything seemed impossible…
Leaving all this struggle was the only thing looking plausible!!!!

But I think there was this small love for self
That dwells somewhere within myself
Which made me get up every day with a smile
And made my way towards a journey  that’s only mine..

Making me happy for being able to have the strength
To be the pillar that stands straight
And keep walking the way that defines me
In the path that I always wanted to walk.

I know I can do it all with all  the enthusiasm I contain
I know my partner will know this all and give me his shoulder to lean on
I know my little angel will be made to feel the most special gift ever
Yet will know the mother has her identity for which she will be remembered forever…

No, it’s not required to be at the top
No, it’s not required to be the best..
But it’s only the fact that you are doing it for yourself
To be able to gift yourself the dream that you once had…

Yes, I know somewhere from within us,
Says the tiny little girl “Thank god my identity is not lost”…  with a smiling heart J

                                                                          - Sohini Mukherjee 


  1. Nice one Sohini..this is Aruna here..I stumbled upon your profile on Women's Web. Was wondering, do you have any connections with Shillong?