Friday, October 30, 2015

Koshish – A Try

She saw behind and he wasn’t there…
She searched everywhere, but it was despair
She called for help but could find no one to care
She was left with the green trees and darkness to stare

She welcomed the dawn with her lips quivering for water
Rain it was, which kissed her as if God had the answer
Slowly and steadily she stood up as the day turned brighter
Her eyes hovered trying to find her lost shelter

It was a bad night and everything’s gonna be alright
She said to herself trying not to remember the fight
How her partner had hit and stamped her last night
But after that he left her here and that she thought was not right

She started to walk endlessly with the hope to get back
And to her joy she could feel she was reaching her track
Here she pondered and something held her tight
Which way to go was it the time to decide?

One led to the world which didn’t want her
The other went to a journey she always dreamt for
Quickly she covered her face with the silk scarf she wore
And started walking towards her dreams to never return she swore

With sky as the limit and confidence her friend
She started running without even knowing the end
Life had so many colors and yes she was ready to blend
She decided this is how her entire life she was going to spend

“Koshish” she called herself and erased her past from her mind
Her talents were enough to help her win and surely people were kind
Work was her worship and happiness her solace and both she twined
To keep herself alive from within and like a star she shined…

Monday, October 5, 2015

Life from the Bird’s Eye

In this world we come, to see our parents’ twinkling eyes;
They hold us tight and love us right, to make us all well and wise.
The first crawl, the first stand, the first run and the first fall;
Our sweet smile, our loud cries, makes everything around us stall.

The excitement of running to school for the first time;
The fun of having best friends to fight and play all the time
The first crush, the first love and the first rose for the special one;
The first no, the first heart break and then the repeated sessions of sad songs

The hard work in school and then in college, to excel in life’s unseen battle
The pride to have the first offer, “Mom-Dad, I’ve done it.” Waving it like a rattle
The first day at work, and the huge shopping before that
The first salary, the first award at work and the first appraisal

Yet another time the heart falling for one and this time I know it’s a budding love
Hand in hand, theatres, movies, eateries and gardens- like the lovely two little doves
The most important day to celebrate, the day when the two souls met to be one
Begins the journey of life with flavors of love, responsibility, and a lot of fun

The late hours slogging, the overflowing work, no time for party, no time for fun
One day to realize, it’s time for the little one to come, the heart wonders it’s a daughter or a son?
Tired and exhausted with work, life’s trigger lies only in the little one’s smile
Struggle is on, to make the future bright for the little one to shine

One day to see the little one is a self-made and successful soul
Having a new found world with dreams and sensibly defined goals
Eyes filled with pride and heart in peace, I declare that’s my beautiful life’s fruit
Taking with it, my values and ethics to live and play life’s beautiful flute

Content with life’s offerings, holding hands and finding solace in each other’s lap
We close our eyes to embrace the other world and take a long, rather longest nap
That’s the cycle of life, the beautiful life, the gift from the goddess herself
Live it, Love it, Laugh it, Play it, Sing it, Dance it…… Coz you are priceless yourself.