Wednesday, October 5, 2016

That sound of Dhaak.. That sound of Conch... That sound of Ulu Dhwani

Its again that time of the year... when happiness sees no reason
Its again that time of the year... when sorrows take back seat
Its again that time of the year... when your heart just pounds, your tears just flow from your eyes and your faith reaches its peak. For some reason you feel the pride and strength from within to see the epitome of power standing with the head held high making us believe in the victory of rights over wrongs, the good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair!!!!!!!!

Its time when you open your eyes with the sound of the Dhaak beats, the hurried last minute selection from one of the new dresses to be worn and the mirror sessions before getting  ready for morning Pushpanjali. The smell of the new Saaris... the freshness of the wet hair.. the beauty of the red bindi..
Trying to list out the wishes that needs to be read out to the goddess... Trying to concentrate on pronouncing correctly each time we repeat the pushpanjali mantra... Thousand stares at the numerous trendy attires... Confidently flaunting your own collections selected cautiously to suit this very occasion. The evening Aarti and the sound of the conch... The goosebumps on hearing the Ulu Dhwani sounds and the happiness in the smiles of the countless Mas and Kakimas...

It time again to experience the happiness in each heart, the twinkle in every eye, the jingle in every lips, the butterflies in every stomach. Its time for the writers to write, the singers to sing, the dancers to dance and every other soul to just flow with the wind that blows the cultural wave.

Its time for small chit chats, the long addaas, its time for ghostly laughters, its time to shout out all that the heart ponders... its time for the kids to paint their lives with the colors of culture, its time them to rejoice and wonder. Its time for new toys, its time to spend no study days.. Eating all that you resisted all this while, meeting people whom you missed with a smile. Its time to embrace the joys that little things bring along and to let go of the antagonism. Its time to shower love and seek blessings, its time to just being yourself and not being anything else.

Its time to play the happiness game and wish it remains in our lives forever.

Its time for Durga Pooja...  Ma Ashchen :) 

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