Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Letter to Myself at my 30s to be read at my 50s

Hey Sohini,

Hope you are doing good today. You turn 50 today  and I am sure you must be thrilled to have completed half century :) 

How's life treating you beautiful lady? I hope when you would sit and read this letter on your 50th Birthday, the only thing that should come to your mind be thanks Sohini for planning at 30s because of that I am smiling at my 50s. 

Today I am sitting at Aricent, Bangalore Office and dreaming about a successful and happy future. I hope my deeds would reap the results and I would be enjoying a successful and happy life  as desired. I know its a long way to go and I know it might be a road full of thorns  as we sail thru life's boat. But I know myself, however tough the going gets I would not stop. I wouldn't stop dreaming and I wouldn't stop achieving. I know my self esteem is very tough and it will not give up at any point. And so I am sure I would have achieved the planned and seeing this letter I must be smiling with pride. Pride for self and pride for being who I am. Pride for being Sohini.

Aankhi should be 20 years old today and guess she would have figured out her life's goals. As far as I know her today she must be a sorted out crazy girl who knows what to expect from life. A bit short tempered yet level headed, my super duper cute lil angel must be the most beautiful girl around. So I hope she should have introduced me to her boyfriend who I feel is the cutest match for my sweetheart and her 18th birthday was probably her craziest Bday ever. I hope we enjoyed being drunk together for the first time. And was her prince charming there with us on that day? I hope I would have been successful as a mother and today she feels I am her best friend. I hope she loves me the same way as she did on 17th August 2016 when she was 3 years old and I was her lifeline. She would just look at me and kiss me and say "Mamma I love you. Ami tomake anek bhalobashi" and pat my cheeks :) 
My angel you are my life and I love you to the moon and back.

And what is this Old man doing over here? Ohoooo as always cribbing his heart away. "Parna koi tui? ki korchish? Bore korish na". Hahahaha
Has he become fat or these are his muscles which he started to build in 2016? Hope his eyes hold the same amount of love that I saw when we got married. Hope he respects me for who I am and most importantly learnt to express it in a way I like it. Hope he too is Aankhi's best friend and teacher. Oh how wonderful it is to see the father daughter duo banging head to their fav rock music. How beautifully they have designed their collection of music and formed a music gallery at home. How beautifully Gairik  makes grilled chicken even today at our garden and how fantastically we enjoy being in the group with Puchka, Buli, Jhilli, Mandy, Rimpa, Amit. 

Wish Ma, Baba, Mummy are healthy and safe, Hope they enjoy being with us and with Aankhi and smile at all our achievements. Hope life has fulfilled all their wishes and most importantly has kept them healthy and working, Hope I still have the privilege to hear them speak to me.. see them everyday and laugh with them even now. 

I wish I am complete in every respect. 

Well I feel it's important to jot down 10 things that I would like to do from now on at my 30s that would ensure I have a smiling face at my 50s.

1. Exercise and exercise everyday without breaks and make myself fit. Try my level best to be free of diseases.

2. Travel. Travel so much that at my 50s I have 50 TB Hard disk full or memories.

3. Read. Reading to educate myself everyday and pass on my learnings to Aankhi. This will help in shaping her future and making her a bright kid/adult.

4. Learn music and musical instruments. To free myself from the dust that life lays on us.

5. Dance. Just dance to every bit of music. I want to be pro in at least 5 forms of dances 

6. Have a smiling relationship with Ma , Baba, Puchka, Gairik and Aankhi. I should smile to have their names in my mind. That would define my happiness.

7. Have at least 5 4 am call friends.

8. Save money to be independent at 50s and further till I live

9. Grow big in career and satisfy my hunger of being a successful career oriented person.

10. Have my own  house and sleep well every night. 

I hope I am content coz I am what I wanted myself to be and my family is what i dreamt off. :) 

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