Friday, July 18, 2014

Disheartened and shattered to be a part of such a society of culprits.

Yet another case and will be forgotten once the hype is over by the media. A 6 year old raped in school!!! Well I don’t really have words to express my feelings about this episode. With passing time we are only witnessing how cruel and sick people’s mentalities are becoming. All these while we were worried of our daughters when they grew up but now children are not left out either, with fear cropping in all our minds of how safe our children are; even in school premises, leave about their safety elsewhere. We only switch news channels to hear what will happen next. Yes the criminal will be put behind the bars, may be bailed out after some days or may not be, the system might be generous enough to announce a lifetime sentence or for once they may agree to hang them till death. Oh yes and how can I not hope some human rights people may then come up to comment that hanging till death is in human, we never know.  My point here is: “whatever it might be; but is that enough????”
Why there is no fear in the culprit’s minds before doing such horrendous act? Is it that such crimes are increasing with time or is it just that things get more coverage and exposure these days?  
I am disturbed with this incident so much so that I can’t stop thinking about the pain the little angel must be going through. It just shakes me from within. Even if she has the most supporting parents and friends who help her to overcome this but will the little child ever be able to forget the trauma that she has been through? Will it not shake her entire personality, behavior and confidence? The thought of it is so disheartening that I don’t even dare to imagine what her parents must be going through.
It feels so helpless for not being able to do anything or think of anything so that such incidents stop. I know I can’t change people’s mentality and save everyone. Yes the damage is done and nothing can mend it.  But can we do something about punishing the accused at least? At least some law to heal the hammered souls of so many such rape victims? Something like a separate jail for the rape accused, where in they are curled and put inside a cube after cutting their private parts and left there to feel the pain forever until their last breath? Will it make the potential future bastards think 100 times before even looking at any girl with that mentality?
Can we as a society take some responsibility now towards mandating women safety? Instead of being scared and thinking of ways to go abroad and settling, instead of finding ways to ensure our daughters go to the nearest school so that we don’t have to send them in a school bus and can pick and drop them ourselves, instead of making up our minds to not send our daughters out alone; can all the schools make it mandatory for girls to attend and master self-defense courses like Karate or anything similar? Can the central boards make it a mandatory subject for girls for standard 10th? Can we ensure women can take care of themselves to face this cruelty whenever needed with how much ever power and energy they have? If it is a gang then a woman must be confident enough to hit one among them so hard between the legs that they can never get up again. This confidence might make the cowards sense their “Aukat” and they might go to hide their faces? Why only in schools, I think an initiative should be taken to support a drive to teach self-defense for every woman in every part of India. I know that small 6 year old child wouldn’t have been able to save herself from the two wolves even if she had started a course on self-defense, but in many cases this would definitely help!!!
Friends, can we something about changing this irresponsible behavior and induce some fear in the minds of such bastards? I feel disgusted to again go back to my world to just sit and watch what happens next , who is next, when it happens next and be afraid of such incident.

Can someone hear me shout in disgust and pain that this has reached the threshold and we need to do something about it to stop it here!!!!  I am trying to figure out what I can do about this.


  1. Well death sentence is not enough .. and i don't think such people will stop even if we implement severe punishments as u mentioned (though implementing such a law may never happen in this democratic country) cos though laws do exist in some countries but they haven't brought down the count of such cases.. self protection training might help to some extent but again it will fail if the victim is a 6 yo ..
    People who do these are mentally sick and nothing can change their intentions .. and even i dont have a gud solution for this .. but what i feel is every person has now gotta stand and show up whenever he sees any such incident happening .. whether it's a case of eve teasing or something severe.. let's contribute at individual levels and try prevent any such incident .. seriously any such incident we see happening and if we choose to be blind to it and move ahead .. then it's a shame on us .. and for this particular case i feel the teacher has to be punished as severely ..

  2. I am confused if i have to applaud your write up or condemn the culprits or ridicule our hypocritic system or for that matter feel ashamed for being a silent witness impassive to the happenings as long as it does not hit us.
    Yes indeed we are helpless. We cannot change the world, although i would be the first to approve such concentration camps for rapists if i was the deciding authority.
    To add to this, i dont think its just the girls who need to be worried. It is even the boys who are being attacked. Innocent little beings who still struggle understanding why the branding of boys and girls exists.
    Yes, we must be educated and try to educate the helpless about ways of self- defence. Also we must ensure we as parents, friends, siblings, humans not only tell our kids the world is bad but also make sure they do not turn into a future culprit. There are so many points to it. Is crime being glorified? When do we draw the line? Do we understand at all? If we can see it on TV and let those images linger in the minds of people with a low self-control and righteousness, are we not at fault as well? Somehow the culprit, the victim, the witness all are being formulated from the same roots.
    Punishment yes. Education to safety yes. Will it guarantee an end to all of this? I really don't know.. but Soh i too will join in your prayer which i am sure every humane heart is doing now after reading this. May we be unharmed and saved from evil