Friday, September 12, 2014


On that lovely Sunday when I knew I am gonna be a MOM
We were all excited to welcome you to our Lovely Home
The feeling of you being within me, the feeling of having you
Made us so cheerful and happy than anything else would ever do

And all the plans started for the welcome of the Special “YOU”
As you were the whole world for us is all that we knew
We smiled at you when we met you at all the scans
When you posed with your tiny sweet legs and hands

At first you moved a little and then you kicked hard
As you grew within me, we could only wait and watch
With each passing day we were more excited to see you
And hold u tight in our arms and say “We love you!!!

Oh what a lovely day it was when the gift we got
Our pink little angel wrapped in a white silk cloth
Smiles all around; what a feeling; Oh my my!
Love was in the air for our lovely sweetie pie….

With your tiny little hands when you reach out to me
With your shinning eyes when you look at me
The glow in your face and that special smile when you see me
Makes me feel so special and proud of being just me

No words can ever tell what you mean to us
All you should know is that “You Are Our World”
To hold you, to help you, to love you, we’ll be there forever
Coz you are that special gift from god; the best gift ever.

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