Thursday, September 4, 2014

Embrace the Struggle of Learning

My daughter would turn 2 this November and trust me, this entire time frame; from when she was born till now, she has never failed to amaze me with the little things that she does everyday.

I always think that I learn a new thing from her everyday and celebrate her growing up every moment. But the one thing that has deeply influenced me is how hard she tries to embrace the struggle of learning a new thing. While I say this, I can feel the excitement in me when I first saw her struggling to roll on her tummy or get up to sit or trying to stand up or starting to work. Every time if she had given up in the first attempt, she could have never sat on her own or walked.

I guess as I grew older I had developed my own set of  ideas and mindset of what I can do and what I cannot. What am I good at and what I am not. It is this mindset, which I thought was accurate, stopped me from trying out things which look difficult at the beginning. Did I ever try to achieve what seemed impossible to me?
If I learn to embrace the struggle of learning, I wonder what that could mean for my potential. In fact if every soul learns this, can we imagine what it would mean for everyone's potential and the society's potential as a whole?

I remember me and my husband trying out our hands to play with guitar once before my marriage and also remember how I convinced my husband, who thought dancing was equal to head banging with rock music, to come with me for Salsa classes. Initial classes were fun but as we proceeded to more difficult levels, we thought it was difficult and we left it there. In fact it was not about the steps in Salsa or the chords of guitar that were difficult, it was surely our mindset that made us believe that we have loads to do in life and many responsibilities that there is not much time for learning these.

Thankfully, we are out of this and are willing to learn new things that we thought were important for us as kids. Its a step forward to embrace the struggle of learning that we have decided to take together, again to go back to being kids at heart and enjoy that really makes us happy.
To start with my husband has decided to try different strokes with his pencil and enjoy the beauty of colors and I am to go back to my days with Music, dance and reading.

Tons of thanks to our princess who has taught her parents a very essential lesson in life in her process of growing up. :)

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