Thursday, September 11, 2014

The lil Happiness's of Life!!!! :)

The times when weekends meant, dancing till you are dead,
The times when night outs meant, gossips with your best friend,
The times when Sunday breakfast was never in the list,
The times when shopping meant loads of dresses picked.

Happy and content I was with my life's style,
With so much more to be done with every passing tide.
New plans, new hopes, new dreams to be unfolded everyday,
To make life more fun in every possible way.

As I ponder a while, to note the priorities of today,
I see a changed me and donno what to say!!!

Weekends are booked for household chores,
Messy night outs with diapers, lullabies and more.
Perfect Sundays with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks,
Shopping equals direct entry to kids section & heavy sacks.

With my life so different and such a different me,
I sit back and think, what better it could be?
Holding tight my pumpkin pie, who means the world to me,
I thank Sai for bestowing such a precious gift to me.


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