Friday, September 12, 2014


Woman!!! The power!!! The world!!! The beginner!!!
She sprinkled the flavor of life in me
She protected the self in me
She cuddled me, she pampered me,
She smiled at me, she hugged me,
Everything I know, she taught me,
She respected me, she encouraged me,
She fought for me, she fought with me,
The meaning of my existence she showed me,
The woman of substance that she is;
She tried to make the same of me.
Mother!!! You nurtured and made the mother in me.
One day to realize that she is in me
The life that fluttered one day within me,
The sparkling eyes that looked at me,
The innocent smile that tickled me;
I want to give her all that you gave me
I understand the happiness in you…
As the same feeling is now there in me!
Your success in making me…
Will be rewarded when I smell the aroma of success in me
Woman, you made the woman in me
And a woman I make, from the woman in me
I salute as I understand
The power of being a woman
The respect in being a woman
The pride of being a woman
The happiness in being a woman
My salute to womanhood
As I bow my head in front of the epitome of womanhood
Ma, the goddess Durga, the fighter for the good….
                                                             -Sohini Mukherjee

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