Thursday, June 25, 2015


Before I start writing anything on this topic I would like to tell everyone that MY COUSINS are the best J

Cousins!!!! God’s greatest gift ever to us
Cousins, without whom life will have no drive
Cousins, who make your lives full of smiles 
Cousins!!! The reason behind your best times in life

The late night gossips and the secrets shared
The whole day games of truth or dare
The songs sung or shall I say shouted and screamed
The laughter shared and the heroic games played

The memories to cherish till the last breath
The happiness filled lives to cherish always
The family bonding that makes us proud
The “we are there” attitude in all grounds

Waiting for every vacation to be together again
Collecting short stories to be shared within
The smiles to see our partners in crime
And the minds planning for a bigger one this time

The sorrow when days of fun were over
Praying the night should never get over
Hating every moment to say goodbye
That small twinkle that drops from your eyes

Retrospect and you know for sure
How lucky you are, to have these memoirs
I know cousins are the best friends on earth 
And I know my cousins are the best in the lot. :)

3 cheers for our crazy crazy cousin gang :) Love you all :)